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Webstation support page

Needed software (Install as Administrator):

Software Windows MAC OS X Linux Manual Info
Firmware Updatetool v4.10N/AN/APDFVideo AtLibUsbDfu.dll
Java 32 bits (Needed by Firmware update tool) (A)Java X86 - - - -
Visual Studio (Needed by Firmware update tool) (B)Visual Studio - - - -
Webstation Firmware v1.3 TXT - - -
Webstation Control v1.0.1.0 v1.0.1.0 v1.0.1.0 - Port settings / Wiki
Webstation Meters v1.0.2.0 v1.0.2.0 v1.0.2.0 - -
Webstation Configuration Manager v1.0.10.0 v1.0.10.0 v1.0.10.0 - -
Webstation Virtual Keyboard Mapper v1.0.3.0 - - - -
Webstation StationPlaylist Plugin v1.0 - - PDF PDF
Channel Configuration - - - - Video

FAQ - Webstation


Question: My firmware update isn't working?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Question: How do I open the Airlite or Webstation control?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Question: My software (Meters, Configuration manager, Playout software) doen't seem to connect with my mixer?
Communication doesn't seem to work because the Ports seem te be blocked?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Question: How do I setup Aircast to work with my Webstation?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Question: Can we use a dual screen video setup from the automation PC so that the Webstation software screen shows up on a second screen.
Answer: Yes, this is possible. Running the Webstation Meters on any pc in your LAN network will work since control data is distributed over the LAN.

Question: Is it possible the get the meter and control information for the Windows software, via the VOIP USB port?
We run Rivendell automation on Linux, so the Linux machine needs to be connected to the Main USB.
Answer: The machine which is connected to the USB MAIN port needs to run the Webstation Control application to distribute the control signals over the LAN (UDP/IP).
In such a way any application on any machine can use the Webstation control signals.
This means controlling/configuring the Airlite or use Webstation Meters for displaying meter data.
Even controlling the Webstation from an external location, i.e. your home (when no one is in the studio) is possible through the Internet.


Question: Will the Aircast via the USB port be able to play out on more than one fader?
Answer: Yes, the Webstation has three USB AUDIO CODECS available on the USB MAIN port. AIRCAST can play/receive three stereo streams to/from the Webstation.

Question: Can you tell me the name of the codec the USB main uses?
Answer: The audio codecs are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. (TI PCM2900C).

Question: For the module 3 to 5, if I'm using the stereo line input, are the On button or the fader still be able to send out HID signal over USB that can be programmed to do specific functions in my play-out system?
Answer: Yes, the module always sends control signals over USB, independent of your selected source.




On Air, Mic on, Fader start, GPO

Repair, Modification

Question: What are the differences in versions?
Answer: Link: please read the info at this link

Troubleshooting & Instructions

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