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   * [[https://​​wiki/​dokudata/​faq/​lyra/​Lyra +4dB out.pdf|Lyra +4dB out]]   * [[https://​​wiki/​dokudata/​faq/​lyra/​Lyra +4dB out.pdf|Lyra +4dB out]]
   * [[https://​​wiki/​dokudata/​faq/​lyra/​Lyra FTP backup manual.pdf|Lyra FTP backup manual]]   * [[https://​​wiki/​dokudata/​faq/​lyra/​Lyra FTP backup manual.pdf|Lyra FTP backup manual]]
 +**__Question:​__** My lyra is tripping on starting up, what can I do about this?\\
 +**__Answer:​__** Link: [[lyratripping:​start|follow the instructions on this page]]\\
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