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Airlab support page

Needed software (Install as Administrator):

Software Windows MAC OS X Manual Driver Info
Firmware Updatetool v4.10N/APDF - Video AtLibUsbDfu.dll
Java 32 bits (Needed by Firmware update tool) (A)Java X86 - - - -
Visual Studio (Needed by Firmware update tool) (B)Visual Studio - - - -
Airence Firmware v1.5 - TXT - -
Airlab Meters v1.9.1 v1.7 PDF Driver Wiki
Airlab Control Center v3.1 - - - -
Channel Configuration - - - - Video
Airlab Firmware (EEPROM) v2.04 - - - -

(For the Airlab the AtLibUsbDfu.dll device in the device manager is shown as “Unknown Device”)

(A) NOTE: This application requires JAVA 32-bits to be installed. Please download and install the latest version first.

(B) NOTE: Some users still receive the error message: Firmware update failed! Make sure console is connected and in bootloader mode, they are probably missing the Microsoft Visual Studio drivers.

FAQ - Airlab

Troubleshooting & Instructions

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