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Question: How do I configure Station Playlist to work with my Webstation or Airlite?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Now you need to Download and Install the Station Playlist Plugin for your mixer at the wikipedia support product page.

Be sure to Close all the Station Playlist programs by Right clicking the Station Playlist icon at the taskbar and press “Exit Studio”.

Else the installed Plugin won't be visible in the configuration!

Press “Next” at the installation begin screen.

Check the destination and press “Next”.

Now press “Install”.

When all is done you can press “Finish”.

Now restart Station Playlist Studio and go to “View”, “Options” and “Plugins”. Select “D&R xxxx Remote Control” and press “Configure”.

Station Playlist will open the D&R xxxx Remote Configuration screen.

Check if both ports in the Green and Red square match.

Now you can add the functions from the .PDF file at the desired position.


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