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Question: How can I make a backup and restore a backup of the Compact flashcard?

Answer: Link: follow the instructions on this page. part 2/2

The use of this instruction is at your own risk!

We at D&R aren't responsible for mistakes made by following this instructions!

Restoring the backup image

If you Downloaded a backup of your Compact Flash card image in a earlier state and want to set it back to the same card you can use the “Dubaron DiskImage” software.

This tool can write images to all kind of drives so be carefull to select the right drive!
Selecting the wrong drive can destroy the data on that drive!

Start the DiskImage tool, after inserting the Compact Flash card press “Refresh”.

Select the Compact Flash card with a size of 2Gb.

Selecting the wrong partition will overwrite all data on that partition so be carefull!

Click “Import from file” and click “OK” on the warning.

Then it will show this warning.

It asks you to type “i agree” in the warning infromation and then click “OK”.

You'll have to confirm with “YES”.

Now browse to your image location and select the image and click “Open”.

Youi'll have to confirm again with “YES”.

Now you'll have to press “Ignore” to go on.

Then it will start to write the image to the selected partition, if you done everything right this will be the Compact Flash card.

When finished press “OK”.

Now savely remove the Compact Flash card.

It will be ready to insert in your Axum again.

A bigger size Compact Flash card.

It is important to use a Compact Flash card with exact the same size.

Each brand uses different data chips inside the Compact Flash card which can defer a few Kilo Bytes.

A smaller one won't work cause it can't write all the data of the image.

A bigger one won't work directly cause the system can't allocate the remaining data size.

When you do want to use a bigger Compact flash card you'll have to do the same steps as described before.

After writing the image with Dubaron DiskImage you'll have to start the Rack one time with the card.

Then take out the card again and load it again in GParted.

Here you'll need to extend the written partition to the maximum size (leave 128Mb unused) of the Compact Flash card.

With the unused space the next made backup will be compatible with almost all brands of cards with the same size.
Now the system will be able to read the card completely.

Doing this will also be at your own risk.

We don't have any examples on how to do this cause this isn't originally supported!


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