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Question: Do you have an SDK for the Airlabs Fader Starts that can be received trough RS232 / Com port?
Question: How can I receive the fader starts at the computer side if my software doesnt have a plugin?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

For the Control surface of the Airlab you can use the Airence SDK (Service Development Kit) at the Airlab wiki page.
This SDK only works for the Control Surface of the Airlab.

The Airlab sends the Fader start trough RS232 / Serial port to a computer.
Some playout software have the option to read the information from a serial port.

The message format on the Serial port looks like this:

AA = Action
CC = Channel
DD = Data

#define SERIAL_ON 0x80 On Switch
#define SERIAL_CUE 0x81
Cue Switch
#define SERIAL_START 0x82 Start
#define SERIAL_STOP 0x83


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