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Question: What are the differences in versions?
Answer: Link: please read the info at this link

Version Date Airence PCB info and modifications
V.1 06-12-2013 -
V.2 14-01-2014 Airence 1C > Airence 1D: Added Mic-on 2 circuit at Extender
V.3 18-11-2014 Airence 2D > Airence 2E: USB noise reduced at Main
Airence Main and Extender fronts with Powder Coating
V.4 20-01-2015 Airence 6E > C20, C38, C39, C40 replaced by 0R (wire), to prevent distortion at Announcer and Studio output
V.5 29-04-2015 Airence 9B > Added 8x 100K resistor, protection for peak voltages when connecting a powered Extender
Airence Main new fronts without Master faders
V.6 28-05-2015 Airence 9B > C64, C65, C66, C67 replaced by 0R (wire), for better ground connection
Airence Main and Extender remove powder coating at 15pin Sub D connector, for better ground connection
V.7 Airence Main 4, 5 and 6 pcb > SMD with different ledbar drivers
Airence Main Added Digital option
Airence 3 (Telco) > SMD with added Ring signal to Start jack
Airence Main Added 100N capacitor to remove Fader start noise in Audio
Airence V7 (Telco, Voip, Master 4, 5 and 6 pcb) not compatible with older versions due to Communication buss and Digital option.
You'll have to replace the complete set except Airence 6 and 7!
V.8 Airence 3 (Telco) > R15, R17 replaced by leaded 600mW Resistors R17-R18 modification
V.9 Airence 3 (Telco) > R15, R17 replaced by SMD High power


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