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Question: How do I setup Aircast to work with my Webstation
Answer: please follow the steps at this link

Easy setup manual Aircast with an Webstation 3/3

To control Aircast with you’re D&R mixer you’ll have to add the Remote Control function of the specific mixer.

You’ll have to tell Aircast that Player 1 uses the channel USB 1.

Player 2 uses the channel USB 2

and Player 3 uses the channel USB 3 this way the Fader starts will work fort his channel.

For the Cartwall we use the 8 buttons in Row A, it is also possible to change the colors of the Led’s.

For the other switches that arent used for the Cartwall players we can configure different fucntions.
Keep in mind that the switches in Row A (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) are already in use and have to be empty.

When you configure ENCODEr INPUT xxx ON at the Non-Stop options it also switches the encoder input.

Be sure that the Port numbers correspond with the Port numbers in Webstation Control

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