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19" Frame with de luxe master, 11 mono de luxe inputs, 1 sub (very popular tape artist configuration)                                € 4.620,--

38 Frame with standard + de Luxe master, 28 mono deluxe, 4 stereo deluxe, 4 subgroups (32/8/2)                                    € 12.330,--

46 Frame with standard + de Luxe master, 32 mono deluxe, 4 stereo deluxe, 4 subgroups  4 Matrix modules (32/8/2)     € 15.295,--







Multipurpose 8 buss recording and live sound mixer.

The Vision is the answer to all those situations where you need a multi purpose mixer.

A multitask work horse that every time surprises you when you switch it on.

It is the newest addition to D&R's collection of high quality consoles. A progressive sound reinforcement/recording console and designed for the most discriminating live sound and studio engineers, the Vision can fit Into many different sound environments.


Full featured input modules.

The Deluxe input Module has a four band sweep able EQ, 8 buss routing, and 8 aux sends. An economical version with 3 band EQ, 4 buss routing, and 4 aux sends is considered to be Mono Standard module.

Deluxe and economical Standard Stereo modules are also available. All inputs are full balanced and all outputs are ground compensated balanced.

The deluxe modules have 6 segment LED bar graph meters next to the fader to allow visual monitoring of levels.

he D&R design team choose high quality components and manufacturing techniques for the Vision, such as socket mounted Analog Devices active components and ALPS pots and switches as well as glass epoxy printed circuit boards (plated on both sides where necessary).The Vision is available in 3 frame sizes ranging from 19" rack mount (will hold 12 modules) up to a full 44 input version.

The Vision can be specified with the standard master module plus any combination of input and. group modules. In addition, a deluxe master module is available with extra features.

Due to the many different requirements in live sound and recording applications, D&R designed several different types of modules.


As an added benefit, custom modules can be designed for specific needs.

An optional microprocessor MIDI Control

Module is available which will allow the mute settings on all input/output modules to be MIDI controlled.


Dual function group module.

In each Dual Group Module two effects/tape monitor returns are standard.

Each return has access to two aux sends as well as level and pan controls.

The sub" switch allows the engineer to use the mixer in several different ways (for both sound reinforcement and recording). Like the input type modules, all inputs are balanced and outputs are ground compensated balanced.

The LED bar graph meters conform to international peak-reading standards.

A Deluxe Master Section with extra advantages and features is available. If the standard modules are ordered, a standard master section is sufficient, however, if deluxe modules are chosen, an add on master section that will accommodate the 8 aux send busses (from the de-luxe modules) is available.

This deluxe master section has aux masters 5 through 8, an oscillator section, extra stereo return, a talkback section, and a two high powered headphone outputs.

Module is available which will allow the mute settings on all input/output modules to be MIDI controlled.

Heavy Duty 19" Rack Power supply for desktop versions.





User definable jumper settings equal total control & flexibility.


Another feature showing the Vision's flexibility is its ability to interface with most equipment through its use of jumpers to "trim" input/output levels as well as jumpers throughout the aux send electronics.

A welded steel frame is built around the electronics (to withstand the rigors of touring) and provides the shielding required for "high definition" electronics. All connections are gold-plated locking IDC connectors insuring you of reliable trouble-free performances year after year.

The Vision is the culmination of 25 years of experience in mixing console design. Our reputation for exceptionally quiet and transparent sounding consoles is clearly reflected and our dedication to sonic integrity is unsurpassed.







19" Rack accepts: 14 modules (12-2, 8-8-2)

Frame 20 accepts: 20 modules, (16-2-2)

Frame 38 accepts: 38 modules, (32-8-2, 34-4-2, 36-2)

Frame 46 accepts: 46 modules, (40-8-2, 42-4-2, 44-2)

(All desktop frames include 2 blanks, no masters)



Mic input, balanced, RF suppressed, 2 kOhm. C.M.R.R. at 50 Hz, -70 dB.

Sensitivity: 80 dBu max for +4 dBu output. Noise mic: <-129.0 dBu, (A-weighted) 15O ohm.

Line inputs: bal. 10kOhm, -2OdB to +20dB.

Return inputs: +4 dBu bal./-1OdBv unbal.

GRP./Chan. inserts: 10 kOhm/47 Ohm unbal. OdBu.

Stereo machines:+4dBu, -1OdBv, unbalanced.


Left/Right/Mono outputs, +4dBu bal / -10dBv bal.

Aux outputs, +4dBu balanced (ground compensated).

All other outputs: +4dBu / -10 dBv bal/ground comp.

Noise master fader down: -102dBr (A-weighted).

Noise 16 channels routed: -89dBr (A-weighted).

Noise 24 channels routed: -87dBr (A-weighted).


High pass filter, -3dB at  100Hz.

H.F. +A 16dB from 4kHz to 2OkHz, shelving.

L.F. +A 16dB from 20Hz to 500Hz, shelving.

H.M.F. +/-16 dB from 600Hz to 15kHz bell, Q 1.5.

L.M.F. +/-16 dB from 40Hz to 900 Hz bell, Q 1.5


Nominal internal operating level OdBu (0.775 V).

Frequency response, any input to any output 20Hz - 2OkHz, -0.5dB. 10Hz - 100 kHz, -3dB.

Total harmonic distortion: Mic. in-dir. out: 1 kHz: 0.015%, 10kHz: 0.025%.

Maximum output: +26dBu into 600 Ohm bal, +22dBu unbalanced/ground compensated.

Maximum headroom: not less than +22dB anywhere in the console.


Mic to line: > 100dB at 1kHz.

Channel mute: > 90dB at 1kHz.

Pan-pot isolation: > 75dB at 1kHz.

Channel routing: > 90dB at 1kHz.

Channel fader kill: > 95dB at 1kHz.

Aux send kill: > 90dB at 1kHz.


Vision 19': 483x573x212mm / 19"x22.6"x8.3".

Vision 38: 1320x768x232 mm / 52"x30.2"x9.1 ".

Vision 46:1568x768x232 mm / 62"x30.2"x9.1".


Conductive plastic faders.

Microprocessor MIDI control module and remote.

R.I.A.A. pre-amp module for stereo inputs.

Fader automation system.

Custom frames and modules.

On customer demand we can implement many customer options such as a multi frequency oscillator, VU  meter bridge, start switches on the faders, etc. etc.

Just ask us and we can discuss your demands.































(we know of)

Vision at National Open University - TAIWAN

Vision at SH Journalism University - TAIWAN

Vision at Taiwan TV - TAIWAN

Vision at Formosa TV - TAIWAN

Obiteljski Radio, Zagreb - Croatia

Nederlands Audio Archief - The Netherlands

MosFilm - Moscow

Paul Renner - Moscow

PPFN Studio - Jakarta Indonesia

Transavia Conference room - Jakarta - Indonesia

PA-Verleih Grinninger - Wels - AUSTRIA

Schmid, Tontechnik - Linz - AUSTRIA

Sound Works-The Netherlands (several 19"Rack Vision)

Advancetek - Taiwan

Digital Equipment and Transducer Ltd - Thailand

Barrandov Studio's - Tsechie

ERDEM - Turkey

ISPA - Russia

Ivamod - CROATIA

Jolly Sound - Hongkong


Proline Company - Russia

Master control room (mcr) of NTV, one of the biggest news / infotainment TV channels in Turkey( installed by Radikal - Turkey

Softfiles - USA

Sontronics - Israel

Studiotech - Hungary

Team 108 Singapore

Tech Venture - Singapore

ANTENA ZAGREB -  Zagreb, Croatia

NARODNI RADIO – Zagreb, Croatia

MEDIA SERVIS – Zagreb, Croatia

Z1 TV – Zagreb, Croatia


Shanghai TV - China

Guangxi TV - China

Guangzhou TV - China

Suzhou TV - China

Shaanxi TV - China

Formosa TV

Taiwan TV

Chinese TV

China TV

Public TV

Radio Taipei2x 2x

Radio White Cloud

Radio Green Peace

National Educational Radio

Television of Thailand

Provincial Station

1.      Public Relations Center, Region 1, Khon Kaen  (2 Units)

2.      Public Relations Center, Region 3, Chiang Mai   (2 Units)

3.      Public Relations Center, Region 4, Phitsanulok   (2 Units)

4.      Public Relations Center, Region 6, Songkhla   (2 Units)

The Stock Exchange Of Thailand

1.      TV Station (1  Unit) Modern Nine TV

1.      Voice Dubbing Studio (1  Unit)

Ariel University Center - Israel

Fujian-TV - China (6 consoles in use)








2x Vision 19" rack version in Mindseye studios - USA

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Contact Us

D&R Electronica BV

Rijnkade 15b,
1382 GS, Weesp,
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)294 - 418 014
Fax   : +31 (0)294 - 416 987

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