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since 1972



Only € 999,--


  • Six dual inputs
  • Built in auto Silence detector
  • 3 USB stereo in /out channels
  • Play out USB control included
  • 2 band EQ
  • Drop Through design
  • Ideal for Production,
  • Voice Track and On-AIR outputs
  • CRM and Phone outputs
  • Bi directional Cue comm buss
  • Built in VOIP functionality
  • Mic inputs with 48 volt Phantom
  • Cleanfeed output for ext Hybrids
  • Internal NON STOP switching


With the Webstation you can now own a modern broadcast mixer for a very attractive price. This new and handbuilt piece of precision equipment is built around proven low noise circuitry. It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that comfortably enhances daily use and even has a built in silence detector. It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. There is a built in Telephone VOIP functionality, 3 in/out channels of stereo USB and 2 very low noise Mic inputs. The WEBSTATION is ideal for ON-AIR, Production work and perfect for streaming to the web.

The WEBSTATION accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 3 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software. It is built into a heavy duty metal RF shielded chassis. Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look. Built with a strong powder coated front panel for durability and it is the result of more than 47 years of experience at D&R.

Mic, Line, USB and VoIP

The WEBSTATION mixer has 2 balanced, phantom powered mic inputs with inserts for voice processors. Six stereo line inputs, 3x USB channels and 1x Telephone VOIP channel.

If you want to connect an analog phone line a Cleanfeed output is provided to connect to an external Hybrid.

Only one physical USB connection is the interface to transfer 3 stereo audio channels + VoIP signal from and to your PC plus all control data from the control section and the software meter


The VOIP Channel 6 is also routed to the main USB connector. Talk back to the VOIP channel is by pushing both "Mic CUE" and "VOIP CUE" to make conversation with callers very easy prior to broadcasting.

The Webstation has a very musical 2 band equalizer. All high quality low noise mic inputs have a built in low cut filters.

Master section

The WEBSTATION’s modules can be easily tailored to your own needs with the included software program page shown below.

All 6 modules have their own page, where you can program Cue reset enabled by Line, Mic, Fader, On etc.
The Mic On busses (for your ON-AIR light) can be enabled by Line or Mic or USB.

A great feature is the ability to program your own switch colours, activate the CRM mute module and program the Studio Remote. Additionally if you want your Phantom power on or off individually programmable per channel this can also easily done.

All settings can be stored(write) and loaded (read), see the configuration manager below.

Programming menu

Also the master section has various options to fine trim the mixer to your needs.

Above you see the software pages that can be loaded and give you an overview of its possibilities.

There are settings that adjust the Silence Detection with parameters for Threshold, Interval time and the source.

You can even program the switch colors you personally like.

Also the CUE bus can be set to behave interlocking, which means that when you select another CUE the  earlier selected one automatically switches off.

Don't let the simple lay-out fool you, there is much going on beneath the front panel to make your life easier as DJ!

Mic Line Channel



The Webstation has an internal USB voice tracking bus that can be directly routed to a play-out system with Voice tracking capabilities, such as our AIRCAST software.
A very low noise mic input, followed by a 2 band equalizer, drives a smooth running fader controlling a stereo VCA. The fader start is electronically detected by the control voltage generated by the fader.

The Webstation can also be used for production while ON-AIR when it is put into the NON-STOP mode.

The NON-STOP switch (located in the master section) routes the first USB channel (3) directly to the main outputs.  It does this automatically when the internal silence detector detects silence.

The CUE switch is also a communication system to easily talk to callers from outside.

The ON switch and the fader have “faderstart” capabilities if required.

Your personal settings for modules and master can stored in software.

The Webstation is designed for ON-AIR Internet radio production work in the studio or at home.


USB Channel



Every Webstation USB Channel can accept a stereo source from a play-out system such as our AIRCAST.

Levels can be set by the gain control.  Pre listening can be done by the CUE switch and the ON switch can activate tracks of the Play-out system.


This can also be done by “faderstart”.  The fader controls a high quality stereo VCA.

If you run a classic station with CD players, the USB input can be also switched to accept stereo line signals.


The CUE is also a communication bus that allows callers on the VoIP channel to listen to the music and DJ when its CUE is activated without being on-air.
There are three USB stereo in- and outputs available on the Webstation.

The inputs are internally routed to channel 3 to 5 where the USB input of channel three is also routed to the Non-Stop switch when activated.

So your station never sleeps even if you are sleeping.

The USB outputs, seen as inputs on your PC, are connected to the Program output and Voice track bus.

VoIP Channel



Channel 6 of the Webstation mixer is a dedicated Voice Over Internet Protocol channel. (VoIP).

Simply set up a connection, for instance with SKYPE or any other provider that offers telephone services over the Internet. It needs to be a service provider that allows you to use VoIP for your telephone connections.

A separate Gain control and VoIP send control let you adjust the send and return levels.

An incoming line can be picked up by the Conn button, pre-listened by the CUE switch and brought into your radioshow by the ON switch and/or Fader.


If you want to use an Analog or digital Hybrid, we have added an extra cleanfeed output on the back of the console to feed an external Hybrid and return the signal in the line input of your VOIP channel with the input selector selected to Line.


The DJ Mic can be routed to the caller outside the broadcast by activating the CUE switch in both Mic and VoIP input modules.


All in all a very convenient way to make life radio with your callers.


USB Control Section


On the right side you see 12 illuminated (green/red) switches.
These switches can be used to control functions in your Radio Automation software such as starting jingle machines.

Recording a voice track while ON-AIR is also possible.
Any switch can perform a function of your play-out software that you decide to control.


When activating the Auto Cue for CRM any selected CUE can be heard. As soon as the DJ mic opens, the CRM mutes to avoid feedback but only if CRM auto

Cue (auto deactivate) is set to ON.

The NON-STOP switch instantly routes the first USB stereo signal (channel 3) to the master outputs which makes the mixer available for (pre) production again.

Power Supply and more

The Webstation is powered by an internal heavy duty switched mode power supply that accepts AC voltages between 90volt and 264 volts and has a standard Euroconnector with fuse on the back of the frame.


The control surface can be easily mounted inside furniture as a drop through unit. All in and output connections are conveniently made on standard Jack / Cinch and XLR connectors.



The Webstation sends out control signals over USB, based on the HID protocol.

This also means that the master output signals can be displayed on a TFT screen (not supplied) in a beautiful meter application.

Program and CRM stereo signals are shown on a high resolution Peak Program Meter

On the right side you see the status of various console functions.

Indicators such as NON-STOP mode, Silence detection, Mic-On and CRM mute.

Channel status and input selection is displayed at the bottom of the TFT screen (not supplied).

At the same time this software application shows you a professional looking Radio clock that is synchronized with your local PC and an NTP time server.



The uncluttered and clearly understandable features make it the ideal tool for making radio programs.

The Webstation is compact, reliable and ideal for production rooms.

It can be used as your main stations On-Air mixer or used as your home Internet Radio station.

We hope to have given you an idea of the huge potential of this new broadcast mixer.

If  you need more info than presented here on our
 webpage you can download the manual for even more in depth info.

Play-out software that support WEBSTATION's control section
with dedicated software

Aircast logo AERON LOGO ProppFrexx On-AIR SPL Station Playlist Enco radio automation mairlist radio automation



video explanation


that can work with our keyboardmapper

ZARA play-out software Play-it radio software


Dear D&R team,

I went through the RADIODJ tutorial you have published on your wikipedia page.
I found it very useful and now Webstation is working perfectly with RadioDJ software.

I really want to thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness.

You can be sure I will be a D&R ambassador in Italy.

Best regards, SABA

Gert Meppelink Studio

Gert Meppelink Studio

Webstation Studio
Webstation Studio
Webstation on location

Installation by Radio Trend Switzerland


I love my webstation, High quality audio for my live Twitch stream. Wade Wilson

Webstation on location

Installation by Radio Trend Switzerland







With the WEBSTATION mixer you can now own a modern radio mixer for a very attractive price. 
This new hand built piece of precision equipment is the result of more than 45 years of experience at D&R.

It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that speeds up daily use and includes a built in Silence Detector.

It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. with built in Telephone VOIP functionality.

 3 in/out channels of stereo USB and 3 very low noise Mic inputs.
The WEBSTATION, ideal for ON-AIR, Production and perfect for streaming to the web.

The WEBSTATIONM accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 3 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software.

It is built into a metal, heavy duty RF shielded, powder coated chassis, designed with elegantly rounded corners.
Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look.
A strong powder coated front panel with reliable controls gives you access to a flawless performance.


* D&R WEBSTATION Review by

For the full review, check out here

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Software updates

 Apple OSX compatible


Mic inp




Line inputs




: bal, 2 kOhm, XLR  ,48 volt Phantom.

: - 128 dBr (A-weighted).

: - 70dB min, OdB Max.

: unbalanced 10kOhm -10dBv.

: unbal., 10kOhm, Cinch.

: range of 40dB.

: 3x Stereo in and 3x stereo out.





USB out


: 0 dBu unbal. on Cinch.

: 0 dBu unbal. on Cinch.

: 32-400 Ohm, Jack.

: Program/Voice track/VoIP





: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving.

: + / -12 dB at  60 Hz shelving.


A software program is included in the delivery for programming the Control section (Webstation Virtual Keyboard Mapper) and internal mixer settings.






Front panel thickness

Radius Corners


Drop through hole

: 350 mm

: 315 mm

: 30 to 90 mm

: 2 mm

: 20 mm

: 8kg.

: 320 x 295 mm


Frequency response


GPO/Mic On

Led bars


: 10 - 60.000Hz.

: < 0.01% max at 1 kHz.

: Opto FETS. (24volt/50mA max).

: Software meter application.


Fully compliant with USB 2.0
playback and record mode.
3x Stereo in and 3x  stereo out.

An USB Isolator is optional available for € 35,-- when digital noise is detected in case all usual solutions do not work, See



12 free assignable illuminated switches based on the HID protocol.



Uses USB processing for VoIP.

ON-AIR Light

How to connect the ON-AIR Light to our WEBSTATION and other mixers

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