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Studio remote


Studio remote

€ 175,--


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The Studio Remote is designed to be the remote and communication interface between the mixing console and the announcer or guest.

It has a built in headphone amp, 2 channel mixer and an remote switches with RED/GREEN LED indication.

The Studio Remote Unit is the perfect solution for headphones amplifier and  CHOUGH/COMMUNICATION button for announcer and/or guest.

There are 3 models, one for the D&R AIRLAB-DT, one for the AXUM mixers and one for both the AIRLITE and AIRENCE mixers.


Phones (Stereo Jack, front)

150mW in to 16 Ohm

75mW in to 32 Ohm

45mW in to 64 Ohm

Width x Depth x Height:80x110x50mm

Drop through hole: 92x72mm

Front panel thickness is 2mm

Corner radius is R=4.00


    Backview AIRLAB Version


Backview AXUM Version


Backview AIRLITE/AIRENCE Version


Studio remote
Studio remote
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