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since 1972



Telephone Hybrid-2

€ 395,--

D&R’s newest Telephone Hybrid-2 is the active version of the well known passive one, successfully sold ( and still selling like...) over the last 5 years.

Its concept originates from many demands for a more sophisticated hybrid with more features.

The Telephone Hybrid-2 is an analogue unit with digital control and features like ducking making intelligibility a lot better in broadcast.



Active balanced interfacing.

Variable High and low cut  filters.

Industry standard connectors

Superb audio separation.

Externally adjustable R and C balance.

Remote controllable.

GPIO interfacing with mixing consoles.


System description

A large ring button enables you to to pick up the line from the unit itself or from your mixer when connected via its GPIO to the telephone Hybrid.

Both levels of receive and send can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Incoming signals can be tailored by the variable  high and low cut signal while talking to people calling the station.

A switchable ducking system reduces the incoming signal while talking to people calling the station



The telephone Hybrids input is on 3 pin female XLR, while the output is on a male XLR .

The GPIO is on a 9 pin Sub-D connector.

The GPI is an a standard stereo jack socket


D&R Hybrid-2 backpanel

Output: balanced line level

Input: Line level 0 balanced

R/C balance: fully adjustable

Separation: More than 35 dB


1 HE front panel: 482x44mm

Frame: 430x41x175mm (width x height x depth)

Weight 2.2 kg net excl packing




Manual 1.04

Tip !

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