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Over 3500 stations work with AIRMATE-USB daily.

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“I have used the Airmate Mixer in 6 radio Stations in

Rural Zambia for the past 5 years without any problems.

Not only is it a workhorse but it is also user friendly.

Quite affordable but has everything you will need in a Mixer.

No wonder it is NO. 1 recommendation to all broadcasters.

Its brilliant & durable”

Report from a customer in Zambia, sent to us by

Broadcast Warehouse UK

What Customers tell us


Many thanks.

As a radio station owner in UK I have had around 7 of your mixers in the past decade. Excellent product!



Mark Page

Managing Director Garrison Radio


Since installing the new D&R Airmate USB mixer in the studio there have been three occasions where I needed advice from their Customer Services department. The latest was yesterday.


Once again they replied within 3 hours of sending my email and answered my query in a very professional and courteous manner.


It is rare to find a level of service like this these days and all I can say is if anybody is considering buying a high quality mixer for their radio station or Home Studio, they could do a lot worse than buy a D&R mixer.


Great products keenly priced very high quality and wonderful after sale service


What else do you need?


Perfect,  Les


€ 1.795,-- Digital AES/EBU output option: € 110,00

model 2017
with internal leds in CUE and ON switches

Built with high end SMD Technology, vertical pc boards and smooth faders/pots

No rack mounting holes, (only on request)


We designed the Airmate-USB to fulfill the requirements for a high grade low cost radio production mixer.

Built around well proven low noise circuitry, this console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. that needs an internal Telephone Hybrid (2x) and

USB connection to the PC (e.q. for streaming to the web).

A heavy duty 19" rack mounted RF shielded chassis houses 8 vertical triple input modules giving flexibility rarely found in a mixer of this type.

Six input channels with high quality balanced microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors.

Every Mic input has an insert for signal processors.

And… every line level line B input can be converted into a phono (gramophone) channel by simply fitting an optional stereo R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp.


This new Airmate-USB model has 6 balanced mic inputs (+48 phantom is standard) with insert, 12 stereo line inputs, 2x USB and 2x Telephone Hybrids.

Channel 5 and 6 have Mic/Line and USB interface to transfer audio from and to your PC.

Channel 7 and 8 have, apart from the stereo line input, also RJ-11 connectors to interface with a POT (Plain Old Telephone) line and a Telephone appliance to dial the number you want to reach.

High quality built in Hybrids with R (trimmer on the surface) and C balance (switch on the surface) and direct Connection and Talkback buttons in the Hybrid channels makes a conversation with listeners very easy.

With the Telco Send (level to the caller) and Telco Gain (level coming from the caller) all levels can be easy adjusted.

AIRMATE-USB close up

But be always aware of the fact that the RC balance has to be adjusted once to create a clean telephone signal send and receive. The manual will give info about this pretty simple procedure. The front panel ON switch is wired in series with the built in mechanical fader start enabling selection of start either by fader or hard start via the ON switch. Faderstart generates in the Mic mode a Mic-on sig­nalling to switch on ON-Air lights. There is a 3 band Equalizer on channel 1-6. The stereo Aux send can be set pre or post fader. All mic inputs have low cut jumpers.

A clean feed send is available for external analog and digital Hybrids.


If you would like to call with VOIP we would advice to use the CISCO SPA112 as an interface between our 2 Telephone modules and the Internet. And in case you have an ISDN connection in your situation, we advice to use the Fritz Box type 7390 to convert the ISDN into an analog line that can be connected directly to the Telco modules of the Airmate-usb  mixer. If you want to connect the Airmate-USB to the GSM network just buy from a third party this Musitel unit connect it to the Phone RJ11 socket

and you're set.SOFTWARE



The Airmate-USB has the usual master controls such as stereo master faders, stereo Aux send and return, monitor master with "follow phones" and a phones output with a split control function. There is a balance control to continuously adjust the volume between main output and stereo Cue signal.

In addition, there is a special Radio On-air/production section featuring; Self­op switching to automatically cut control room level when the D.J. mic is active; a Clean feed output to also drive an external Telephone Hybrid for talk shows and interviews, if you need more Hybrid channels than the 2 built in ones; a special announcer output that normally follows main output but can be switched so that the main output, or any cue signal that is selected, can be heard when in the "follow phones" mode.

A large Talkback switch activates the built-in electret talkback microphone for easy communication with the Clean-feed output, Aux output and/or Announcer output.



The Airmate-USB is designed to be the focal point for local radio production work in the studio or at home. It’s compre­hensive, yet understandable features make it the ideal companion for rapid on-the-spot radio programs.

Small, reliable and 19" rack mounting ideal for production rooms.

It can also double as an On-Air mixer or implemented in your own Internet Radio station.

If your budget is tight, it never becomes obsolete as it can revert to production use, if, at a later date you fit in a larger On-Air mixer.


AIRMATE-USB connector panel
AIRMATE-USB connector panel


ON-AIR lamp

Only € 125,--

We can supply you a perfect matching ON-AIR lamp for
€ 125,--  Actually there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high intensity red leds.
The unit is powered by a 12 volt DC 450 mA external power supply which is included in the price.

And what's more... no hassle with how do I connect this thing to my AIRMATE-USB.

No complicated AC switching with external relays etc. etc.

What you only need is one stereo cable (wired tip/ring) coming from the MIC-ON (located in the master section)  connector on the back of the AIRMATE-USB console that goes directly hardwired to a barrier strip inside the ON-AIR

How easy is this for a change.

The power adapter will also be directly wired to the barrier strip inside the unit.

Dimensions: width 260mm, height: 125mm, Depth: 65mm

Cable entry holes and key slot holes in the backside.


How to connect the ON-AIR Light to the AIRMATE-USB









With the AIRLITE mixer you can now own a modern radio mixer for a very attractive price. 
This new hand built piece of precision equipment is the result of more than 44 years of experience at D&R.

It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that speeds up daily use and includes a built in Silence Detector.

It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. with built in Telephone VOIP functionality.

 4 in/out channels of stereo USB and 3 very low noise Mic inputs.
The AIRLITE, ideal for ON-AIR, Production and perfect for streaming to the web.

The AIRLITE accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 4 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software.

It is built into a metal, heavy duty RF shielded, powder coated chassis, designed with elegantly rounded corners.
Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look.
A strong powder coated front panel with reliable controls gives you access to a flawless performance.



* 6x Mic inputs
* 12x stereo line inputs
* 4x inserts on Mic input 1-4
* 2x USB stereo send/return
* 2x Built Telephone Hybrid


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Audio Streaming, how does it work


Mic inputs: bal, 2kOhm, XLR. Phantom: 48 volt.

Noise: - 122 dBr (A-weighted).

Sensitivity: - 70dB min, OdB max.

Insert: -10dBv in/out.

Line inputs: unbal., 10kOhm, Cinch.

Gain: range of 40dB.

Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV.

2 Track return: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm.

Aux returns: - 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo



Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode.

HID Functions: Volume/Mute

In case some digital ground loop noise is detected you can benefit from this USB Isolator for only € 49,--



RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler

Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -60dB.



Left/Right: + 4 dBu bal. XLR.

Monitor/Aux : + 4dBu unbal. on Cinch.

Cleanfeed/Announcer: + 4dBu, Jacks. Tape outp: -10dBv, unbal. Cinch.

Headphone: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.

Announcer: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.



High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving. Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve. Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz bell curve.



AES/EBU digital stereo output and AES digital 2 track input plus existing  analog outputs on 2 jacks.

RIAA pre-amp on line input B for phono cartridges, 60881597



Frequency response: 10 - 60.000Hz.

Distortion: < 0.009% max at 1 kHz.

Start switch: reed relay.

Ledbars: 21 segment.

Power Consumption: 30VA


START Stereo jack connector to internal opto coupler 24volt/50mA max.)

The opto coupler switches between tip and ring of the stereo jack

(So tip is shorted to the ring)


MIC ON Stereo jack connector to internal opto coupler(24volt/50mA max.)

The opto coupler switches between tip and ring of the stereo jack

(So tip is shorted to the ring)

If you want to connect the remote jack to a computer, with the opto couplers and the computer has no parallel port or that port is used by another device?

You can use USB but you have to develop specific code for an USB enabled microcontroller, going through hundreds of pages of documentation, getting the necessary development system, and finally having to develop a driver for the thing. Using USB to serial adapters is not a good option either, since the adapters don't have much intelligence and require a lot of programming.

We from D&R think there is a better option, the I/O Warrior from Code Mercenaries, please go to their website and find the right interface for your application.


Frequency response 10-60.000 Hz (+/- 0.5dB).

Distortion: <0.009% max at 1 kHz.

Dimensions: 483x356x105 mm ( 8HE ) .

Weight: 11 kg. (including packing)



Left-Right 19" rack mountable. (482mm width)

Front-Back: 356mm (8HE).

Height: 105mm.

Space below front panel: 20mm for table top. Weight: 11 kg.

For Drop through mounting cut a hole of 450 x 330 mm (console height is 105mm)



that can be connected over USB and faderstart can be used with the help of an optional I/O warrior interface

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