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Since 1972

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€ 225,--

Telephone Hybrid-1

D&R's newest Telephone Hybrid-1 is an interface between a standard telephone line and a mixing console.
Its purpose is to enable to record or broadcast a conversation between a caller and a presenter in an easy way.

Superb audio separation between in and outgoing signals are achieved by carefully designed internal circuitry.

It is a problem solver for changing two wire communication into a four wire system with separate in and outputs.

With its Private "TO CALLER" button you can easily temporarily disconnect the caller from the mixer (broadcast) for private conversations.

Telephone Hybrid-1 backside

Telephone Hybrid-1

Back panel






Mounting kit

If you need a dual Hybrid in 19" rack format,  you can use our mounting kit to combine two 9.5"units into one dual Hybrid that easily fits into a 19"rack.


Part number 60898582     Mounting kit for mounting two 9,5" signal processors fitting in a 19" rack € 17,--

Mounting kit


And if you need a higher audio quality?
Have look at our GSM Hybrid that enables you to experience a callers HD VOICE bandwidth of up to 7kHz!




R/C balance

Audio Bandwidth





: balanced mic level -20dB.

: Line level 0 dBu balanced.

: fully adjustable,  separation more than 30dB.

: 300 Hz up to 3kHz


: 7436917139152






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