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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:10:01 AM »
Q: Will the Aircast via the USB port be able to play out on more than one fader?

A: Yes, the Airlite has four USB AUDIO CODECS available on the USB MAIN port. AIRCAST can play/receive four stereo streams to/from the AIRLITE.

Q: Can we use a dual screen video setup from the automation PC so that the Airlite software screen shows up on a second screen.

A: Yes, this is possible. Running the AIRLITE METERS on any pc in your LAN network will work since control data is distributed over the LAN.

Q: Is it possible the get the meter and control information for the Windows software, via the VOIP USB port? We run Rivendell automation on Linux, so the Linux machine needs to be connected to the Main USB.

A: The machine which is connected to the USB MAIN port needs to run the AIRLITE SERVICE application to distribute the control signals over the LAN (UDP/IP).In such a way any application on any machine can use the AIRLITE control signals.This means controlling/configuring the AIRLITE or use AIRLITE METERS for displaying meter data. Even controlling the AIRLITE from an external location, i.e. your home (when no one is in the studio) is possible through the Internet.

Q: Does the AIRLITE run under LINUX (June 2015)?

A: Yes, the applications Airlite Control, Airlite Meters and Airlite Configuration Manager are available for Ubuntu 14.04.

Q: Can you tell me the name of the codec the USB main uses?

A: The audio codecs are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. (TI PCM2900C).

Q: For the module 4 to 7, if I'm using the stereo line input, are the On button or the fader still be able to send out HID signal over USB that can be programmed to do specific functions in my play-out system?

A: Yes, the module always sends control signals over USB, independent of your selected source.

Q: When the Cue Air button is used the sound is routed to the CRM but also to the Phones and the Announcer bus? The doc is speaking about CRM only.

A: The Cue Air is routed to CRM and Phones, not to Announcer. This, because the announcer is only interested in the program signal. Monitoring the AIR signal is for the technician / DJ.

Q: My computer doesn't show all USB sources in the devices list (USB Audio codec or other source not shown)

A: Did you use the original length USB cable with a Maximum of 1,8 meters? A longer cable reduces the bandwith of the USB connection so please use a short cable.
A: Did you use a connection at the front of the computer, a ground loup isolator or a USB hub connected. Please use a USB connector directly to the mainboard of the computer.

Q: My computer shows a message that it doesn't have enough USB resources or end points.

A: Some computers use a extended USB 3.0 port that combines multiple USB2.0 ports and also the amount of end points. Each USB device has multiple end points and a Airlite has multiple USB devices connected to a internal hub. When connecting a Airlite it can reach the maximum of USB end points at a combined/extended USB 3.0 connection. Some computers offer the possibility to turn of xHCI in the bios. When turned of it will work as USB 2.0 and be able to connect more end points. The other option can be adding a USB 2.0 card to the computer.
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